Christmas Parties choosing a Jukebox or DJ


Christmas is very close so dates for work do’s are rapidly filling! Choosing music and entertainment to keep all the staff happy can be challenging. What are the advantages of hiring a jukebox vs a DJ or even a Band? Most obvious is price!

Jukeboxes feature a variety of music that puts you and the staff in charge of music, jukebox will be dropped of on the day of your party and will be collected the next day giving you flexible hours and no time limit. A DJ provides better sound, lighting effects and takes care of all the music for you including playing requests from staff on the night, the DJ option provides your party with personality that is assuming the DJ is not hiding behind his laptop or CD player..:)

Bands would usually cost more than a DJ or Jukebox and they do provide a great party atmosphere although bands can be limited in the music they play and they require more breaks than that of a DJ however the lively atmosphere that a good band can create is certainly a worthwhile option to consider. Before you book any entertainment make sure you call or meet with them.